Monday, March 6, 2017

Huwag Mong Pasaway. (Don't be disobedient)

How are you doing today? I want you to really think about the question. We ask about 100 people every day how they are and oftentimes we get the exact same answer. I think we often overlook our own wellbeing. We don't think about how we are doing. Even if we do, we often overlook doing small things that can increase the quality of our lives. "Going through the motions" includes believing we are okay, when in fact – we could be living a much higher privilege in life. I invite you to take a minute to think about your own health right now. What you can do to improve it Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally? Doing this will set you free, (hopefully).
I am coming to really appreciate a lot of things here. Even though life is hard, people are generally very happy with their lives. I realize that I have a lot in every single aspect of my life. Now, I have a great opportunity to share the truth that I know. 
This week has been uneventful, not ‘gonna lie. We did have a very good Sunday yesterday. Testimony meeting was wonderful, and we had several investigators. It reminded how important attending church in in the gospel. It isn't about going to the building and sitting somewhere for three hours; it is about adding to the spiritual experience of others, and creating one for yourself.
Culture: Religion. Around 85% of the population is Catholic. This is a huge part of the work here. We teach a lot about Christ and how HE is the center of our religion. We take a long time to teach why Christ is important and what He expects of us. There are pictures of Christ in every single home and on every single Jeep and most cars. But not everyone thinks of the real impact Christ can have in their lives – that is what we are for.
Tagalesson: Simple Questions.
Ano ang Pangalan mo? "What is your name?"
Ilan Taon Ka Na?: "How old are you?"
Kumusta Po Kayo?: "How are you?"
Saan Ka Pupunta? "Where are you going?"
Kumain Ka Na Ba?: "Did you eat?"
Saan Ka Galing?: "Where are you coming from"

It is pretty much okay to ask these questions to anyone at anytime – even if you don’t know them at all. It is perfectly acceptable to walk up to someone you have never met before and ask them where they are going. They are open and welcoming to answer those questions. It is a different culture.
I hope that all is going well back home, Sorry there are no picture again this week I have to work on taking picture more often. Keep on staying strong. I know Christ lives. I know He will help you every time you ask for His help and then get to work.


Elder Faulkner

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