Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Road to Demascus

There is a video on the Mormon channel on YouTube, called "The road to Damascus." I encourage all to watch it. We are all on a road somewhere, and it is completely up to you what path you are on and how comfortable you are with where you are going.

One of my favorite teachers of all times is Paul. He makes an account of the change that he underwent in the New Testament. I think that when we stand at the threshold of knowledge and the threshold of understanding and choose not to act – we are limiting our mortal experience. Many people here in the Philippines will listen to what we have to say. We get a whole lot of people that we can teach and invite to action. There is, however, a huge gap between the number of people we teach and the number of people that choose to be agents unto themselves and ask God to know the truth. This week the whole mission was ministered unto by an apostle of God: David A Bednar. He taught us that the only way to know truth of spiritual things is to learn it through the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it is really hard to see people let us in and listen, but then not act.
This week, I learned again the worth we have as humans. We are not objects here on earth; the gift of free agency is pretty much the most important things that we could ever have. We all have the ability to be agents unto ourselves, every single person that you meet, yourself included, has the ability to respond to every situation and act – instead of being acted upon. I think that many people do not understand the importance of their choices. We are here on earth to be agents unto ourselves, to make decisions every day that determine who we will be for eternity. 
We receive strength to do hard things as we get up and start to do them. One thing I learned this week is that we receive answers and strength from God based on our willingness to act when we will receive our answer. As a missionary, this is so important. I only get words to say to people when I start talking – never before. I know now more surely that I get the words to speak when I am talking not when I am waiting there for words to come. 
This all ties together because it is really, really difficult for us to find answers when we are not actively seeking them. Because of this, I am trying to change the way I work as a missionary. Every lesson, I try to tell people that if they really want to know, they must be prepared to act. I try every single lesson to give to people the invitation to change their life – sometimes drastically. Before my mission, I was pretty scared to go and tell people to change their lives. Now I really appreciate the opportunity I have to help people see the way to change and see what their lives could be better because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am really sorry if that seemed a little preachy, but I am a missionary...
This week we had my first opportunity to see the whole mission in one place. People rejoiced at seeing their friends and old companions. It was weird being with all these people in my mission that I do not know. But I think it will be fun when I know more people and can see them again.
Culture: Tindahan: Every 5-10 houses or so is a little shop that sells small food items and other things like laundry soap. People use this as their way of living. They buy in bulk from the grocery store and sell them for a slightly higher price (normally only 3-5 pesos more). Honestly it is pretty convenient. If I want a snack in the middle of the day – it is always right there. This allows communities to work a lot smoother because the people tend to buy food day by day instead of once a week.

Tagalesson: How to buy things: 
“Magkano?”: "How much?" use this and point to ask how much something costs.
“May bili”: "There is a purchase." We use this when the person is not paying attention and you want to buy something.
“May _____ po ba kayo?”: "Do you have ____?" This is used to ask if they have the thing that you are looking for.
Welp now you know how to buy foods, I am sure that the nanay running the store will be impressed with you.

Also I am very much out of time. I love you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Next week should be a normal week in terms of emailing. :D


Elder Faulkner

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