Monday, April 10, 2017

General Conference, and General Shenanigans.

So last week (and hopefully this isn't a surprise to many of you) was General conference, which means that the Prophet of the world, who is also the President of the church for which I am currently serving as a missionary for, and the apostles of the aforementioned church spoke to everyone. I say everyone because General Conference is not just a time for people of the church to hear these words, but Thomas S Monson has been called as a prophet for the whole world. He was speaking to everyone. Now I did not get the chance to hear any of the talks until this past Saturday and Sunday. This is because I live halfway around the world from where the talks were given and they couldn't get the schedules to work out so I could watch it live.
Anyways. This time to listen to people directed of God to receive revelation, for me, was quite special. I got to listen to words that were prepared for me in mind, as well as words that were prepared for all of us. I don't want to understate the importance of this time, so I will invite you all to listen for yourself as all the talks can be found on HERE.
It is a really cool experience to dedicate two days to this event, and see how much it can impact people in their lives. We heard many testimonies of truth and many statements of confirmation of things that we know to be true. I think that too often we understate how important a living prophet is to our world. 
Other than General Conference this week, we had a very good time teaching and finding. Elder Rasmussen and I are still enjoying our findings and work, but we are working on bringing our teaching style into one that bespeaks the importance of commitments and change in our investigators. We are trying to change peoples lives here and save their souls. The worst is when they don’t understand the gravity of the message because we couldn’t explain it well enough.
Other than that, the work is moving along nicely and we are going to see a lot of progress in our investigators as we teach them the necessary steps of repentance and teaching them the Plan of salvation. Having done a lot of finding the last few weeks, we aim to move forward with teaching those new investigators and constantly work with them to feel the spirit of the lord testify of the truth to them.
Culture: Tambay (To do nothing or to “hang out”.) Filipinos love doing this. When you tambay, you kind of just sit around and sing, or talk to your friends with no real purpose. We are also in an area where there are many people that tambay outside of our house all the time. This makes it easy to talk to them, and start simple conversations to practice the language. Often times when you approach a group of people on the street and ask them what they are doing, the answer is just “Tambay”. This is a word with a lot of meaning because it fills in so much of the youth's time. But in the end, it has little meaning as nothing really gets done. I love Tambay.
Tagalesson: Today we will learn how to ask what someone is doing and how to ask if they are good at certain tasks.
“Ano ang ginagawa mo?” (What are you doing?)
“Tumatambay-lang ako. “ (I’m just doing nothing)
“Sige-lang Marunong ka ba na magguitara?” (Well then, are you good at playing guitar?)
“oo” (yes)
“Astig, may guitara ako. Tambay na tayo.” (Cool I have a guitar, lets hang out.)

Keep in mind random questions to people aren’t invasive here, it is chill to ask almost any question of any person at any time.
Welp I love you all and I hope that you are doing well. I encourage you all to read the words spoken in General Conference, or watch the recordings. 

Elder Faulkner

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