Monday, April 24, 2017

High on the Mountaintop

So, like I said before I live on top of a mountain.
Welp that is the end of that.

This week was good. We had exchanges with the other missionaries that live in our house. I had forgotten what it was like to do missionary work with someone that is fluent in the language. It was nice to have that opportunity to learn. Being with someone who is not yet fluent, I have to stretch myself to be effective at the language. When I went and worked with Elder Kirifi (He is from New Zealand, but has been in the mission around 21 months), I learned a lot from the way he used the language. 
Next week we have transfer announcements. This is when we’ll know if Elder Rasmussen moves on without me. If he does, I will have a new comp and the work will probably change slightly. I like working with Elder Rasmussen. We tend to get along pretty well.
This last week I gave a talk in church. It was very much like my farewell talk on the Doctrine of Christ, except in Tagalog. I think it went fairly well.  I was able to speak without too many mistakes, although it was still difficult to speak in front of so many people in a language I am not totally comfortable in. Either way, it was much better than my last talk I gave here.
I don’t have too much extra time for this email so I am sorry if it is a little short and has no pictures I will work on getting the picture sent next week.
Culture: If people are eating and you pass them walking – there is about a 90% chance that they offer you food. This is interesting because I am never sure if they really mean it or if they are just offering because it is part of the culture. Either way if you see someone walking and you are eating, just yell "Kain na tayo" at them and they will feel more invited
Tagalesson: This tagalesson is brought to you by eating and inviting people to eat. There are a few things you might say to invite people to eat, all of these are polite and deeply part of the culture.
“Kain na tayo”: Lets all eat now
“Kumain ka na ba?”: Did you already eat
“Kain pa”: Eat some more.
We hear these a ton. Especially if we are at an appointment and they bring out food. It is very rude to reject that you know ;)
Life is good here. We are keeping on. I hope you all have a great week. 

Love you all,
Elder Faulkner

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